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The Mob

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This Partner Label release is distributed through Vinegar Syndrome's sister company OCN Distribution. Vinegar Syndrome had no part in, nor are responsible for, the restoration, extras, quality control or any content(s) of this release. We hope you enjoy our growing roster of Partner Labels and the expertise and curation brought to each release by their dedicated staff!


This listing is for the standard edition Blu-ray. The limited edition slipcover (designed by Tony Stella) was limited to 2,000 units and is sold out. The two versions are identical, aside from the slipcover.

From arthouse to Canuxploitation, Canadian International Pictures (CIP) is devoted to resurrecting vital, distinctive, and overlooked triumphs of Canadian cinema. This label is focused on the country’s original cinematic boom years – spanning the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s – occasionally venturing past that period (and the country’s borders) to highlight the films of Canada’s most inspired actors and filmmakers. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing CIP's brand new line of home video releases!

Seasoned drug smuggler and thief François “Chico” Tremblay (Panic’s Marc Legault) is tired of his modest lifestyle. Given the opportunity to earn $50,000 killing a prominent New York City gangster, he leaps at the opportunity, ignoring the warnings of Montreal’s leading mob boss, who has forbidden local criminals from taking the assignment. Upon his return, Chico discovers he is being pursued from all sides, prompting an unlikely response: he calls a local talk radio show and starts revealing the mafia’s most carefully guarded secrets. As his revelations get more shocking, so do the tactics of his adversaries, culminating in a devastating gut punch of a finale.

Bringing seedy authenticity to his depiction of organized crime, director Jacques Godbout (YUL 871) reached new heights with this urgent, fatalistic gangster odyssey. Landing somewhere between the American and European crime films of the ’70s, The Mob (La gammick) is propelled into constant crisis by its uniquely unscrupulous protagonist – and those determined to avenge his indiscretions. Almost completely unseen outside of Quebec, this is a lost Canadian classic.

In addition to The Mob, this disc includes Godbout’s previous film – the madcap hockey-themed Les « troubbes » de Johnny – and Criminels québécois, a new collection of Quebec crime film trailers from the ’60s and ’70s, highlighting overlooked gems from Denys Arcand, Gilles Carle, Jean-Claude Lord, and several other notable auteurs of the era.

directed by: Jacques Godbout
starring: Marc Legault, Dorothée Berryman, Pierre Gobeil, André Guy, Gilbert Chénier, Julien Poulin, Gilles Renaud
1975 / 87 min / 1.85:1 / French Mono with English subtitles

Additional info:

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Scanned and restored in 2K from the 35mm interpositive 
  • Criminels québécois - A collection of Quebec crime film trailers from the ’60s and ’70s (39 min.) 
  • Les « troubbes » de Johnny (1974, 21 min.) 
  • Bonus short: Hunger (1974, 11 min.) 
  • Booklet featuring an essay by Fantasia programmer Marc Lamothe and a new interview with director Jacques Godbout 
  • Reversible cover artwork 
  • English SDH subtitles for all three films