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This Partner Label release is distributed through Vinegar Syndrome's sister company OCN Distribution. Vinegar Syndrome had no part in, nor are responsible for, the restoration, extras, quality control or any content(s) of this release. We hope you enjoy our growing roster of Partner Labels and the expertise and curation brought to each release by their dedicated staff!


This is the listing for the standard edition 4k Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo. The limited edition rigid slipbox & slipcover was limited to 2,000 units and is sold out. The two versions are identical, aside from the slipbox & slipcover.

Since launching in 2016, Gunpowder & Sky has released 30+ feature films in partnership with leading services including HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and Starz. As an independent studio, they're known for groundbreaking music and pop-culture documentaries alongside narrative and genre cinema all of which manage to transgress conventions. In partnership with OCN, Gunpowder & Sky will release new titles on UHD and blu-ray alongside upgrades of current home video editions - with an attention to the best quality possible for home video and elaborate packaging. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing this diverse and unique home video line!

“This is what the standalone Star Wars movies should feel like” - Peter Debruge, Variety

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They’ve secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon's toxic forest. But there are others roving the wilderness and the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive. Forced to contend not only with the forest's other ruthless inhabitants, but with her own father's greed-addled judgment, the girl finds she must carve her own path to escape.

directed by: Christopher Caldwell, Zeek Earl
starring: Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher, Jay Duplass, Andre Royo
2018 / 98 min / 1.90:1 / English 5.1 Surround

Additional info:

  • Region Free 4K Ultra HD / Blu-ray Set
  • 4k UHD presented in High-Dynamic-Range in a brand new higher bitrate encode (exclusive to this release)
  • 2021 Retrospective Interview with Filmmakers Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl
  • Commentary track with the filmmakers
  • "Prospect" - short film version from 2014
  • Behind the scenes featurette
  • Deleted Scene: Channel Rat
  • Deleted Scene: Leroy
  • Inside Prospect: Helmets of Prospect
  • Inside Prospect: The Drop Pod
  • Scene Analysis with Costume Designer Aidan Vitti - Merc Camp
  • Scene Analysis with Visual Effects Supervisor Ian Hubert - Dust VFX
  • Scene Analysis with Visual Effects Supervisor Ian Hubert - Spaceship VFX
  • Scene Analysis with Production Designer Matt Acosta - Cee Pod Interior
  • Scene Analysis with Production Designer Matt Acosta - Ezra Arrival
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Filmmaker teaser trailer
  • Multiple spots & bumpers
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles