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Hellraiser: Bloodline - The Original Screenplay - Paperback Book

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By Peter Atkins

With a brand new introduction by the author. 

You may well be a fan of the first two or three Hellraiser movies who found that your relationship with this fourth one was … well, what shall we say? Complicated, maybe? You may, if you were of a kindly and forgiving nature, have found the film somewhat interesting, even occasionally entertaining, but you probably also found it confusing, felt that something just wasn’t right about it. You may have noticed the director’s name—Alan Smithee—and googled it, and discovered that Alan Smithee doesn’t exist, that the name is a pseudonym sometimes applied to movies that have been significantly troubled during production and post-production by crises both financial and creative. Whilst you’ll never get to see a Director’s Cut of Hellraiser: Bloodline, you can read in this book what was supposed to be...