Vinegar Syndrome


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This listing is for the standard edition 4K UHD/Blu-ray set. The limited edition slipcover (designed by Robert Sammelin) was limited to 5,000 units and is sold out. The two versions are identical, aside from the slipcover.

While assisting on a dig, a construction worker accidentally destroys the final resting place of a demonic zombie, rousting him from his unholy slumber, and reigniting his taste for human flesh. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers have decided to spend the night camping in the woods for a Halloween hayride, only to have their partying interrupted with the arrival of an ever-growing army of bloodthirsty undead! Will anyone survive the night in one piece?

A lo-fi gore epic directed by actor and cinematographer Bill Hinzman (The Crazies), star zombie in the classic Night of the Living Dead, FLESHEATER (aka Revenge of the Living Dead) is a fitting tribute and homage to Romero’s chilling masterpiece, updating the setting to the late 1980s while piling on the gut munching, throat ripping, and limb tearing action. Vinegar Syndrome is delighted to bring this highly ambitious slice of regional madness to 4K UHD and Blu-ray, in a brand new, eye popping (and gouging) restoration from its original 16mm camera negative, presented in its cinematographer and producer approved 1.33:1 aspect ratio for the first time on disc, along with a host of brand new extra features!

directed by: Bill Hinzman
starring: Bill Hinzman, John Mowod, Leslie Ann Wick, Kevin Kindlin, Bonnie Hinzman, Heidi Hinzman
1988 / 89 min / 1.33:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • Region Free 4K Ultra HD / Blu-ray Set
  • 4K UHD presented in High-Dynamic-Range
  • Newly scanned & restored in 4K from its 16mm original camera negative
  • Brand new commentary track with cinematographer Simon Manses, composer Erica Portnoy, and producer Andrew Sands
  • "Zombie Nosh LLC" - an interview with producer Andrew Sands
  • "All Roads Lead Back to FleshEater" - an interview with cinematographer Simon Manses
  • "The Family Continues" - Remembering Bill with Bonnie Hinzman
  • "Carnage in Compositions" - an interview with composer Erica Portnoy
  • "Family of FleshEaters" - an interview with actress Heidi Hinzman
  • "Crushed Pink Grapefruit Brain" - an interview with special makeup effects artist Jerry Gergely
  • "To Live and Die in PA" - an interview with actor John Mowod
  • "Meatballs and Missing Actors" - an interview with unit manager Paul Giorgi
  • "Minor Budget Majorette" - an interview with hair stylist / makeup artist Terrie Godfrey
  • Extensive behind-the-scenes still gallery
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles