5 Films 5 Years - Volume #1

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While taking a full inventory in preparation for the new website launch, we discovered a 100 count box of 5 Films 5 Years Volume #1. You can be sure that this will be the last time you'll ever get a chance to buy one of these from us.

Limit 1 copy per customer - strictly enforced.

Over the past five years, all of us at Vinegar Syndrome have worked to find, restore, and re-issue some of the most eclectic, unique, and unjustly forgotten genre films from the greatest era for independent cinema, the 1960s through 80s. While our focus is always on preservation (and ALL of our restorations are archived in either 2k or 4k, depending on how the film was scanned), on some titles we couldn't justify the expense of Blu-ray and as such, only DVD editions were issued.

However, to celebrate our fifth anniversary, we've assembled this limited edition 2-disc Blu-ray collection of five previously DVD only hardcore rarities, spanning the wide reaches of our archive. This set is limited to 2,500 units. 2018 yearly package subscribers will receive this release with their January shipments. Limit 1 copy per customer - strictly enforced.

Suze Randall and Victor Nye's colorful New Wave updating of the works of the Marquis DeSade chronicles the exploits of two beautiful Catholic schoolgirls who find themselves whisked off to a world of perverse sexual delights.
Directed by: Suze Randall
Starring: Angel, Ginger Lynn, Bunny Bleu, Harry Reems, Eric Edwards
1984 | 78min | 1.85:1 OAR

Director Bob Chinn's madcap comedy, and arguably one of the films most synonymous with 70s hardcore, PIZZA GIRLS revolves around the daily goings on at an innocent seeming pizza parlor, where the secret toppings invite untold sexual fantasies.
Directed by: Bob Chinn
Starring: Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes, Candida Royalle, Paul Thomas
1978 | 76min | 1.85:1 OAR

Director Bud Lee's lavish adaptation of Chaucer's classic tome stars the ravishing Hyapatia Lee and presents a plethora of these notorious tales in ways no previous film had ever dared.
Directed by: Bud Lee
Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Karen Summer, Colleen Brennan, Jon Martin
1985 | 89min | 1.85:1 OAR

Chinn's brazenly absurd blending of war saga and darkly humorous Nazisploitation finds a US Naval officer (John Holmes) stranded on a tropical island, in the midst of WWII, forced to face off with a fiendish SS vixen (Seka)!
Directed by: Bob Chinn
Starring: John Holmes, Seka, Jade Wong, Mai Lin, Gail Palmer
1980 | 78min | 1.85:1 OAR

Anthony Spinelli's suspenseful tribute to 40s noir follows the daily grind of a jaded private detective who's been hired to solve the blackmailing of a famous movie starlet, but quickly realizes that he's putting not only his career, but his life in jeopardy.
Directed by: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Lisa De Leeuw, John Leslie, Juliet Anderson, Veronica Hart
1983 | 101min | 1.85:1 OAR

  • Region free Blu-ray (2-disc set)
  • Scanned and restored in 2k from various film elements
  • Limited edition of 2,500 units