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Animation Night In Canada, Vol. 1

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From arthouse to Canuxploitation, Canadian International Pictures (CIP) is devoted to resurrecting vital, distinctive, and overlooked triumphs of Canadian cinema. This label is focused on the country’s original cinematic boom years – spanning the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s – occasionally venturing past that period (and the country’s borders) to highlight the films of Canada’s most inspired actors and filmmakers. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing CIP's brand new line of home video releases! 

14 Oscar®-nominated shorts from the National Film Board of Canada

Long celebrated for its groundbreaking achievements in animation, the National Film Board of Canada has earned international acclaim and dozens of Oscar® nominations for its animated shorts. During a particularly fertile period between 1965 and 1985, the NFB played an instrumental role in the medium’s rapid evolution, breaking new ground with a wildly varied and inventive run of films that are alternately abstract, eerie, entertaining, poetic, poignant, and psychedelic. An eye-opening overview of this seminal period in animated film history, Animation Night in Canada, Vol. 1 features 14 Oscar®-nominated classics with style and personality to spare.

  • Carlos Marchiori’s The Drag (1965, 9 min.)
  • Les Drew and Kaj Pindal’s What on Earth! (1966, 10 min.)
  • Ron Tunis’ The House That Jack Built (1967, 8 min.)
  • Norman McLaren’s Pas de deux (1968, 13 min.)
  • Ryan Larkin’s Walking (1968, 5 min.)
  • Michael Mills’ Evolution (1971, 10 min.)
  • Yvon Mallette’s The Family That Dwelt Apart (1973, 8 min.)
  • Bernard Longpré and André Leduc’s Monsieur Pointu (1975, 13 min.)
  • Caroline Leaf’s The Street (1976, 10 min.)
  • Ishu Patel’s The Bead Game (1977, 5 min.)
  • Co Hoedeman’s Oscar®-winning The Sand Castle (1977, 13 min.)
  • Eunice Macaulay and John Weldon’s Oscar®-winning Special Delivery (1978, 7 min.)
  • Ishu Patel’s Paradise (1984, 15 min.)
  • Richard Condie’s The Big Snit (1985, 10 min.)

directed by: Various
starring: Guy Clover, Donald Brittain, Margaret Mercier, Vincent Warren, E.B. White, Paul Cormier, Mort Ransen, Sarah Dwight, John Hood, Sandy Sanderson, Jay Brazeau, Ida Osler, Randy Woods, Bill Guest
1965-1985 / 137 min (combined) / 1.33:1 / English DTS-HD MA 2.0

Additional info:

  • Region A Blu-ray
  • All films restored by the National Film Board of Canada
  • Eight additional shorts from the directors in this collection: Norman McLaren’s Oscar®-winning Neighbours (1952, 8 min.), Yvon Mallette’s Boomsville (1968, 10 min.), Co Hoedeman’s Matrioska (1970, 5 min.), Les Drew’s The Underground Movie (1972, 14 min.), Ishu Patel’s Perspectrum (1975, 6 min.), André Leduc’s Canada Vignettes: Instant French (1979, 1 min.), Caroline Leaf and Veronika Soul’s Interview (1979, 14 min.), and Ron Tunis’ This Is Me (1979, 27 min.)
  • McLaren on McLaren (1983, 8 min.) – The legendary director of Neigbours and Pas de deux reflects on his filmmaking career
  • Alter Egos (2004, 52 min.) – Laurence Green’s documentary about Oscar®-nominated NFB animators Chris Landreth and Ryan Larkin
  • Booklet featuring a new interview with animator and NFB Head of Animation (1967-1972) Robert Verrall, plus additional notes on the films
  • English SDH subtitles