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Degausser Video is a brand new label created by several of the devious minds behind VS, which will bring to Blu-ray and tape deluxe editions of both canonical and under-seen shot on video (SOV) genre cinema, in addition to work shot on film, but edited on tape, wherein the original film materials are believed to be lost or destroyed. Similar to Vinegar Syndrome's focus on FILM preservation, Degausser will work only from original analogue tape materials with an emphasis on maintaining the aesthetics inherent to each respective video format. Additionally, each title released by Degausser will be made available in an ultra limited "new" VHS edition, fitted in a custom designed hard shell light box.

Let's all go to Donkeyland! Shot on video for $2,000 by “James Dillinger” (aka author James Robert Baker) and produced by Los Angeles art collective EZTV, BLONDE DEATH is a savage blast of underground anarchy. This limited edition flexi disc features "The Ballad of Blonde Death," an exclusive, rip-roaring audio collage by Bleeding Skull that pays tribute to the most accomplished and important shot-on-video film ever made.

The story follows the transformation of Tammy Lynn Beaverdorf (Sara Lee Wade) from bubbly teen to death-tripping speed freak—an in-your-face rampage of sex, drugs, and violence that climaxes with scenes that were secretly filmed inside Disneyland. Satiric, subversive, and gleefully enraged, BLONDE DEATH is an essential chapter of queer cinema history. 

directed by: James Dillinger aka James Robert Baker
starring: Various
1984 / 98 min / 1.33:1 / English Mono