Bad God's Tower - Paperback Book

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By Erica Summers

Vicious criminals, Eugene Dempsey and Chester Craven escape Wyoming Territorial Prison armed with nothing but striped prisoner pajamas and a Lakota's hand-drawn map that, according to legend, will lead them to the unfathomable riches in a secret tunnel burrowed into the base of Devil's Tower. Seeking their golden fortune, the fugitives head north, leaving their dusty trail stained in the blood of innocents. With two determined buffalo soldiers nipping their heels, the sadistic escapees will soon realize all the gold in the land isn't worth what lies in wait for them in the claustrophobic underground beneath.

Vinegar Syndrome is proud to introduce our own Erica Summers as she brings us her speed-paced, Western, beastly, blood-fest that will appeal to all genre fans hands down. With other books under her belt as well as 2 feature films, this isn't the last you will be hearing of her either. 

1st Edition
97 pages