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This Partner Label release is distributed through Vinegar Syndrome's sister company OCN Distribution. Vinegar Syndrome had no part in, nor are responsible for, the restoration, extras, quality control or any content(s) of this release. We hope you enjoy our growing roster of Partner Labels and the expertise and curation brought to each release by their dedicated staff!


This listing is for the standard edition Blu-ray. The limited edition slipcover was limited to 5,000 units and is sold out. The two versions are identical, aside from the slipcover.

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) represents the world's largest theatrical catalog of exploitation cinema. Their home video line presents a diverse selection of movies, ranging from new preservations of classics from the vast library of Something Weird to the wildest in shot-on-video (SOV) titles. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing this diverse and unique home video line!

Nothing can prepare you for BOARDINGHOUSE. Jim (director John Wintergate), a psychic-gigolo who wears a leopard-print thong, rents a haunted house to "beautiful women with no ties.” From there, this unworldly slasher transforms into a sleazy, hallucinogenic maelstrom of gore, sex, chainsaws, pie fights, killer refrigerators, jacuzzis, beds that eat people, a new wave band called 33 and 1/3, and a leading lady known only as Kalassu. BOARDINGHOUSE is the first shot-on-video horror film to be blown up to 35mm and released theatrically. AGFA + Bleeding Skull! are thrilled to bring the 35mm theatrical cut to home video for the first time in this 2-disc set, which also includes PSYCHO KILLER (a previously unreleased alternate home video cut) and SALLY & JESS (the previously unreleased “family film” from the makers of BOARDINGHOUSE).

directed by: John Wintergate
starring: Kalassu, John Wintergate
1982 / 88 min + extras / 1.85:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • Region Free 2-disc Blu-ray Set
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles


  • Theatrical cut: Preserved in 2K from an original 35mm release print
  • Original home video cut: Transferred from the 3/4” master tape
  • Theatrical cut: partial commentary with AGFA + Bleeding Skull’s Joseph A. Ziemba & friends
  • Theatrical cut: commentary with star Maryel McKinley & Sean King
  • 35mm theatrical trailer
  • Home video trailers and TV spots


  • PSYCHO KILLER (1984): Previously unreleased alternate cut of BOARDINGHOUSE, transferred from the 1” master
  • SALLY & JESS (1989): Previously unreleased “family film” from the makers of BOARDINGHOUSE, preserved in 2K from the 16mm answer print
  • SALLY & JESS: Commentary with Kalassu, John Wintergate, & Sean King
  • SALLY & JESS on-set footage
  • Music videos from Kalassu & John Wintergate