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The Rainbow Boys

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This special limited edition embossed and spot gloss slipcover (designed by Sean Phillips) is limited to 2,000 units and is only available here at! There is no standard edition and it will not be re-pressed.

From arthouse to Canuxploitation, Canadian International Pictures (CIP) is devoted to resurrecting vital, distinctive, and overlooked triumphs of Canadian cinema. This label is focused on the country’s original cinematic boom years – spanning the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s – occasionally venturing past that period (and the country’s borders) to highlight the films of Canada’s most inspired actors and filmmakers. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing CIP's brand new line of home video releases!

50th anniversary special edition!

Struggling to subsist on negligible and infrequent gold discoveries, prospector Ralph Logan (Halloween’s Donald Pleasence) crosses paths with Mazella (Return of the Living Dead’s Don Calfa), a New York City drifter with a three-wheel motorcycle and plenty of time on his hands. After introducing his new acquaintance to the practical, level-headed Gladys (The Andromeda Strain’s Kate Reid), Logan suggests the trio join forces for a mission deep into the mountains of British Columbia in search of his father’s elusive stash of gold. The journey that follows is equal parts dangerous, exciting, wacky, and enlightening, as this mismatched trio goes to extraordinary lengths to make the most of their golden opportunity.

The one and only live action feature from famed animation director Gerald Potterton (Heavy Metal), The Rainbow Boys is a lively showcase for the talents of its three stars and a visually stunning widescreen journey through Canada’s great outdoors. With a playfully old-fashioned approach, this film brings to mind the more expansive, adventurous Hollywood comedies of the ’50s, but with an oddball sensibility all its own. Like the gold our heroes seek, The Rainbow Boys is a long-lost treasure just waiting to be rediscovered.

directed by: Gerald Potterton
starring: Donald Pleasence, Don Calfa, Kate Reid
1973 / 90 min / 2.35:1 / English DTS HD-MA 1.0

Additional info:

  • Region A Blu-ray
  • Scanned in 4K from the 35mm interpositive
  • Audio commentary featuring director Gerald Potterton, producer Anthony Robinow, and composer Howard Blake
  • An Hour with Gerry (2022, 53 min.) – A career-spanning interview with director Gerald Potterton
  • The Legend of Don Calfa (2022, 27 min.) – Author/filmmaker Gary Smart reflects on the life and work of his friend Don Calfa
  • The Rainbow Boys: From VHS to Blu-ray (2022, 4 min.)
  • Restoring The Rainbow Boys (2022, 3 min.)
  • Re-release trailer
  • Pinter People animation (1969, 16 min.) – Four animated segments written by Harold Pinter and directed by Gerald Potterton
  • Booklet featuring reflections from editor Katherine Reynolds and an essay by Donald Pleasence biographer Sam Bessant on the actor’s Canadian films
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles