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In 1981, horror maestro Lucio Fulci, the Italian godfather of gore, unleashed one of his most frightening and celebrated films. Now, more than forty years later, comes the comic adaptation of THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, from author Stephen Romano and VINCE LOCKE, superstar artist of A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and DEADWORLD. This is the complete saga of the undead Doctor Freudstein and his hideous torture pit of blood-sucking evil, which spirals far beyond the movie, expanding and enriching the story into an epic masterpiece of gothic horror. Unlike any comic book based on a popular film, the twisted tale of Lucy, Norman and little Bob Boyle's descent into darkness beneath the HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY will shock you, challenge you... and maybe even shatter you.

Originally released in 2018, the first limited run of this series is now completely sold out and extremely rare. This amazing BOX SET re-presents the series in ALL-NEW EDITIONS, featuring new art and story pages, and with STUNNING ALL-NEW EXCLUSIVE COVER PAINTINGS by Vince Locke, commissioned especially for this lavish "Director's Cut" release. Both fans of the original run and those who are new to our Fulci's comics line won't want to miss this incredible set, contained in a lavish collector's case with incredible cover art by KYLE HOTZ, superstar artist of THE PUNISHER, BATMAN and EVIL ERNIE.

Synopsis: Lucy Boyle and her family are moving from New York City to Boston, and their destination is the old Freudstein family home, which the locals claim is cursed. But Lucy's little son Bob knows something strange is happening, visited time and time again by an ethereal little girl, who warns him all about the mysteries of the Beyond. For it is written that the souls of humans are eternally searching, and the house by the cemetery is the center of all evil, ruled by a twisted undead madman who will stop at nothing to open the gates of hell. Now, this besieged family will battle the ultimate evil... deep in the basement of Lucio Fuki's darkest masterpiece of supernatural mystery and blood drenched horror.

Author(s): Stephen Romano
Artist(s): Vince Locke, Bruno Costa, Kyle Hotz and Jeff Zornow
192 pages / 7" x 10-7/8" x 1-7/16" / English / Color

Additional info:

  • Limited to only 1,500 units
  • Super deluxe two-part interlocking collector's hard-case, featuring outer box art by Kyle Hotz that recreates the classic poster art from the film's 1981 United States theatrical release. Inner box art by Jeff Zornow ("Godzilla")
  • Deluxe single issue collection, with all three issues of Lucio Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, the official adaptation of the classic horror film, in all-new rebranded double-editions
  • Never-before-published Director's Cut of issue #3, featuring a terrifying new ending, with all new story pages by Vince Locke
  • Exclusive 4th issue, BUILDING HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, an extensive look behind the scenes of the entire series, with rare sketches, concept art, script pages, commentary by the author, and a creepy never-before-published prequel story by artist James Keating
  • 4 sketch art prints, featuring original concept character art by Vince Locke.
  • 8 collectors trading cards with exclusive full color character sketches by Puis Calzada (FANGORIA, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT)
  • 4 collectors newsletters with all-new behind-the-scenes stuff, bonus comics and mini-posters featuring cover art
  • 4 collectible bookmarks featuring original Sketch art by Vince Locke