Vinegar Syndrome

Death Force / Vampire Hookers

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Two blood soaked epics from the king of Filipino exploitation, Cirio H. Santiago!

Death Force (1978):
After being left for dead, Doug is rescued by two Japanese soldiers, living on a remote island, who teach him the ways of the samurai. Upon returning to the USA, he quickly exacts a bloody revenge...Presented uncut and under its original title, VENGEANCE IS MINE!
110 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

Vampire Hookers (1978):
After their commanding officer goes missing, two American sailors discover a group of female vampires who pose as prostitutes to lure men into their secret lair.
79 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

Director: Cirio Santiago
Actors (combined): Carmen Argenziano, James Iglehart, John Carradine, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Vic Diaz, Elena Fortman-Waters, Jayne Kennedy, Karen Stride, Lenka Novak

  • Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | 1.85:1 AR | MONO
  • 2k scan from 35mm IPs
  • Original trailer VAMPIRE HOOKERS