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Slope's Game Room: Cult Movies, Shows and Classic Comics

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This Partner Label release is distributed through Vinegar Syndrome's sister company OCN Distribution. Vinegar Syndrome had no part in, nor are responsible for, the restoration, extras, quality control or any content(s) of this release. We hope you enjoy our growing roster of Partner Labels and the expertise and curation brought to each release by their dedicated staff!


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This special limited edition slipcover is limited to 1,000 units and is only available on our website and at select indie retailers. Absolutely no major retailers will be stocking them.

ETR Media is the brand new film distribution arm of Enjoy the Ride Records, a Long Island based record label, specializing in cult following reissues through a variety of genres. ETR Media releases will adhere to the same quality standards as fans have come to associate with their lavish LP reissues. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing this new and unique home video line!

Cult Movies, Shows & Classic Comics brings together 9 documentaries based on 9 iconic movies, TV shows and comic franchises. Taking a deep dive into these popular IP’s before finding every single video game based upon them.

Not every licensed video game is terrible… although, most of them are!

Originally created on the YouTube channel Slope’s Game Room, these popular short films look at how classic horror franchises such as Friday the 13th™, SAW™ and The Evil Dead™ began their gruesome journeys. We look at the creation of classic comics such as The Mask™, Howard The Duck™ and Scott Pilgrim™. Ever wondered how Robocop vs Terminator™ and Alien vs Predator™ began their timelines? What about the creation of classic cartoons shows such as Beavis & Butthead™?

We take a look at all of them. And, we dig deep searching for every video game too, some of which have never been officially released. It’s all here and it’s cut into 9 separate episodes for your enjoyment, bringing the total run time to just under 5 hours (plus an extra 3 hours of bonus features and easter eggs too).

This Blu-ray also includes the world’s 1st Blu-ray 3D Maze Game. A throwback to the classic 1980’s maze games of old where you will need to find your way through the maze searching for characters based on the classic franchises featured on this disc. Can you make your way out of the maze and discover what reward lies at the end?

Episodes included…

  • Friday the 13th™ Timed exclusively for this release
  • SAW™
  • The Evil Dead™
  • The Mask™ Re-Recorded exclusively for this release
  • Howard The Duck™ Re-Recorded exclusively for this release
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World™
  • Robocop vs Terminator™
  • Alien vs Predator™
  • Beavis & Butthead™ Re-Recorded and extended exclusively for this release

directed by: Daniel Ibbertson aka DJ Slope
starring: Daniel Ibbertson aka DJ Slope
2024 / 295 min (combined) / 1.78:1 / English DTS-HD MA 2.0

Additional info:

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • SLOPE'S MAZE GAME - The world's 1st blu ray 3D MAZE GAME
  • The 1st HD Video Game Ever
  • Disney's Best Selling Video Game
  • Richard Leinfellner (Evil Dead game) Interview
  • Chris Neary (Evil Dead game) Interview
  • 7 Stolen Trademarks Part 1
  • 7 Stolen Trademarks Part 2
  • GAME OVER! The worst video game movie EVER!
  • English SDH subtitles