The Bed And How To Make It / Nude In Charcoal

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This special limited edition Blu-ray comes with a spot gloss hard slipcase + slipcover combo (designed by Richard Hilliard), includes a 40-page perfect bound book and is limited to 3,000 units. It is only available on our website and at select indie retailers. Absolutely no major retailers will be stocking them.

From nudies to roughies to ultra weird regional curiosities, the sexploitation world welcomed any filmmaker working in any genre, so long as the limits of nudity and sex on screen were pushed as far as they could go - but never all the way. DISTRIBPIX, one of the legendary names in the genre (and whose extensive library will be the backbone of this line), will offer single, double, and even triple feature Blu-rays highlighting works from every corner and crevice of softcore smut, from the dawn of nudie cuties to the all-but-hard 70s, with plentiful lost and never on disc films along the way.

One of the most acclaimed directors of 1960s sexploitation cinema, Joe Sarno practically reinvented the genre with his heady and atmospheric character dramas and thrillers.  Presented here is one of his most iconic directorial efforts paired with one of his earliest, both restored from their 35mm camera negatives.

Perpetually flirtatious Ellen has been kicked out of boarding school and thrown out of her home. With nowhere else to go, she takes a job as a maid at her alcoholic Aunt Connie’s hotel, only to be lured back into unscrupulous carnal escapes.  With a cast including Sarno favorites Patricia McNair, Judson Todd, and his future wife, Peggy Sarno (Peggy Steffans), THE BED AND HOW TO MAKE IT (1966) epitomizes Sarno’s acclaimed noirish visuals (courtesy of cinematographer Bruce Sparks) while also being the first film ever produced by Distribpix itself!

June, a beautiful, yet naive, young art student is lured into a relationship of unbridled lust by a suave older artist named Najlas Sarto. NUDE IN CHARCOAL (1961) is set in Greenwich Village during its bohemian heyday of the early 1960s, Sarno worked as co-director to Phil Melillo. Starring early New York TV personality Sally Ardrey and stage actor Richard Kronold in the leads while also featuring the first-know screen appearance by sexploitation actress and model Rita Bennett and an acting turn from future Hollywood producer Burtt Harris, Distribpix Inc. and Something Weird are proud to offer the home video debut of this long lost, career starting sexploitation treasure.

directed by: Joe Sarno, Phil Melillo
starring: Francine Ashley, Judson Todd, Lorraine Claire, Peggy Steffans, Barbara Kemp, Victor Bertini, Rita Bennet, Nick Link, Tony King, Gail Sedrish, Richard Kronold, Sally Ardrey, Peter Craig, Burtt Harris, Dina Paisner
1966, 1961 / 80 min, 73 min / 1.37:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Newly scanned & restored in 2K from their 35mm original camera negatives
  • Brand new feature length audio commentary for The Bed And How To Make It by film historian and novelist, Tim Lucas
  • Brand new feature length audio commentary for Nude In Charcoal by film historian and novelist Tim Lucas
  • Archival video interview with producer Arthur Morowitz (2013) - never before seen
  • Archival video interview with film historian and Sarno biographer, Michael Bowen (2014) - never before seen
  • Hot Sequences for Nude In Charcoal
  • Script on Screen featurette for The Bed And How To Make It
  • Opening Title Card featurette for The Bed And How To Make It
  • Photo Image Gallery
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • 40 page perfect bound book with writing by film historian/Sarno biographer Michael Bowen (Note: only included with the slipcase edition)
  • 52 page manuscript booklet with introduction by film historian/novelist Tim Lucas
  • English SDH subtitles