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The Year's Work in Showgirls Studies - Paperback Book

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By Melissa Hardie, Meaghan Morris and Kane Race

The Year's Work in Showgirls Studies is a fan culture volume that deconstructs how and why Showgirls, a 1995 drama with a female lead bent on becoming a famous performer in Las Vegas, became a much-contested cult film despite being a critical failure when it released.

The collection orchestrates a conversation between scholarly essay work and archival documentation offering a magnificent representation of the array of responses generated by the film, its makers, its promoters, and its audience. A multifaceted approach to the film, its popularity, and its social relevance results in a new text for understanding normative social hierarchies of sexuality, race, and gender.

The Year's Work in Showgirls Studies engages with the figurative and actual place of sex work and feminized affective labor in our society.

428 pages