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Degausser Video is a brand new label created by several of the devious minds behind VS, which will bring to Blu-ray and tape deluxe editions of both canonical and under-seen shot on video (SOV) genre cinema, in addition to work shot on film, but edited on tape, wherein the original film materials are believed to be lost or destroyed. Similar to Vinegar Syndrome's focus on FILM preservation, Degausser will work only from original analogue tape materials with an emphasis on maintaining the aesthetics inherent to each respective video format. Additionally, each title released by Degausser will be made available in an ultra limited "new" VHS edition, fitted in a custom designed hard shell light box.

One of the most feared figures in all of history, the elusive Jack the Ripper prowled the streets of Whitechapel in London, England in the 1880s, murdering and eviscerating a number of women before disappearing back into the shadows… until now. A century on from these gruesome crimes, a professor at a Midwestern college, teaching a course on famous crimes depicted on film, happens across an old ring at an antique store, which bears an uncanny resemblance to one believed to have been worn by Jack the Ripper himself. No sooner has the professor started wearing the ring than he finds his dreams assailed by visions of women being gruesomely disemboweled. When grisly real-life murders start taking place in the local area bearing the hallmarks of the murderer of Whitechapel, could it be that a Jack the Ripper copycat is on the loose, or is something even stranger afoot?

directed by: Christopher Lewis
starring: Tom Savini, Tom Schreier, Mona Van Pernis, Wade Tower, Andrea Adams
1985 / 102 min