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Yellow Veil Pictures is a New York City and Los Angeles-based film sales and distribution company focusing exclusively on boundary pushing genre cinema, seeking to highlight filmmakers who exist on the cusp of commercial and arthouse cinema.

    When Kamal resolves to change his life for the better, he leaves Belgium to help war victims in Syria. But, having arrived, he is forced to join ISIS and is left stranded in Raqqa. Back home, his younger brother Nassim quickly becomes easy prey for radical recruiters, who promise to reunite him with his brother. Their mother, Leila, fights to protect the only thing she has left: her youngest son.

    directed by: Adil & Bilal 
    starring: Aboubakr Bensaihi, Lubna Azabal, Tara Abboud, Younes Bouab, Amir El Arbi
    2022 / 135 min / 1.78:1 / Arabic, French, English, Dutch DTS-HD MA 5.1

    Additional info:

    • Region A Blu-ray
    • Intro from the Filmmakers
    • Adil & Bilall Short Film: Broeders (2011)
    • Commentary Track with Adil & Bilall
    • Animatic to Scene:
    • Attack of the Village
    • Intro Musical #1
    • Behind the Scene Footage:
    • Attack of the Hospital
    • ISIS Kid Boot Camp
    • Musical #1
    • Dance Rehearsal
    • Los Angeles Premiere Q&A with Oliver Stone
    • Kamal Kawasaki Video Clip: Double K
    • Uncut Scene: Family Testimony
    • US Trailer
    • Written Essay from Evrim Ersoy; Film Programmer
    • English & English SDH subtitles