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The CIP Canuxploitation Bundle [June 2024]

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Even before the legendary tax shelter era began, Canada had a proud history of B-movies and exploitation cinema. From the beginning, Canadian International Pictures has kept Canuxploitation front and center, as this is where you’ll find many of the country’s most “vital, distinctive, and overlooked" cinematic triumphs. From oddities rooted in horror history (The Amityville Curse, Mindfield) and high stakes sexploitation (East End Hustle, Gina) to bizarro kids’ movies (The Christmas Martian, The Great Land of Small) and broadcasting world crime sagas (The Mob, One Man), there’s something for everyone in the CIP Canuxploitation canon. 

This 8-disc bundled set includes (* indicates standard edition):

  • The Amityville Curse
  • The Christmas Martian
  • East End Hustle
  • *Gina
  • The Great Land of Small
  • *Mindfield
  • *The Mob
  • One Man