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Conservative congressman Victor Kidd appears to be living the American dream, complete with a loving, faithful wife, Lacey, and a decent, respectful, and above all, virginal daughter, Katherine. After all, he’s based his entire political career on representing all that is moral and virtuous, particularly favoring pro-abstinence and monogamy legislation. But Victor has a major problem: his supposedly chaste daughter is, in fact, a vivacious nymphomaniac whose actions threaten to destroy the life and career he’s worked so hard to build. Unfortunately, Katherine isn’t the only person in Victor’s life who has an unquenchable thirst for sex…

A wry and witty social satire focused on political and moral hypocrisy that’s as relevant today as it was over three decades ago, Cecil Howard’s SPITFIRE combines a sharp and darkly humorous screenplay by Howard’s regular collaborator, Anne Randall, with an all star cast, among them Sharon Mitchell (Maniac), Robert Kerman (aka R. Bolla, Cannibal Holocaust), Samantha Fox (Jack+Jill), Eric Edwards (Titillation), Joey Silvera (Public Affairs), Annie Sprinkle (Double Exposure of Holly) and featuring a starring performance from Tigr (aka Chelsea Manchester, Nothing to Hide) as the instatiable Katherine. A sleeper rarity in director Cecil Howard’s filmography, Command Cinema is pleased to bring SPITFIRE to Blu-ray, newly restored in 4K from its 35mm original negative.


  • 4k scan and restoration from original negative
  • Archival Audio Interview with Ann Randall and Cecil Howard
  • Video Interview with archivist and film historian Joe Rubin
  •  Rikki Harte Photo Shoot , never before seen images
  • Slideshow/Image Gallery