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SCOUNDRELS is an exceptionally well-made film that captures the erotic mischief and dangerous thrill of side-dipping. If you can relate to the Taboo-thrill of cheating, GET READY FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Beautifully photographed, SCOUNDRELS is able to capture steamy and forbidden sexuality. Leave it to legendary filmmaker Cecil Howard ( FOXTROT, PLATINUM PARADISE, NEON NIGHTS) to create a sophisticated film about the vicious side of adultery, yet one that’s hot! Ron Jeremy, known for his humorous portrayals, undertakes his first serious role as a psychiatrist who falls victim to the sexual boredom of a stagnating marriage. Lisa Be, as his wife, may be smiling when he comes home, but it’s a smile meant to cover her string of lovers, including Ron’s best friend. Tigr (Chelsea Manchester) plays their foul mouthed daughter, a sweet tease, who’ll screw anything that breathes. Poor Jeremy knows his friends are coming and going all around him, but he’s unable to come to terms with his wife’s infidelity. Cecil Howard’s production shines in every frame, thanks to ingenious editing, brilliant writing and some of the best acting in any adult film. There’s also newcomer Ariel Lee; her good looks are a real treat. The illicit sex is naughty and suspenseful, bringing the viewer to the billing point time and time again. for the scoundrel in all of us, Scoundrels is not to be missed!

Special Features:

  • Director Approved 4k Scan/ restoration with DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Audio Commentary with Legendary Director Cecil Howard
  • Select Scene Commentary with Lead Actor Ron Jeremy
  • Original Theatrical Trailer, Restored in High Definition
  • Exclusive Slideshow Image Gallery
  • Exclusive Video interview with Ron Jeremy aka “The Hedgehog”
  • Bonus Audio/Podcast Interview with Director Cecil Howard