Private Vices Public Virtues [Mondo Macabro]

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Welcome to the Vinegar Syndrome Staff Picks section, where we highlight our favorite releases from the many other fine labels releasing films on home video. This section, which will be updated semi regularly, features an array of crucial genre films, which no home library should be without.


Loosely based on the famous “Mayerling Incident”, the film is set in a Central European kingdom towards the end of the 19th century. Bored by his very proper wife, the youthful heir to the throne spends his time in amorous dalliances on his sprawling country estate, which operates like a kind of proto hippy commune.

A mysterious “Circus of Truth” arrives, the champagne is spiked with drugs, and the party turns into a wild, naked orgy that culminates in death and tragedy. Much misunderstood and widely banned, the film caused a sensation when it screened at the Cannes film festival in 1976. Today, this overlooked masterpiece of European art cinema can finally be appreciated as one of the most original films of its era. There really is nothing else like it in world cinema.

This first Blu Ray edition, uncut and restored from the original negative, comes with a host of exclusive special features.


  • Trailer
  • Interview with film historian Michael Brooke
  • Interview with cast member Pamela Villoresi
  • Interview with writer Giovanna Gagliardo
  • Blu-Ray All Region