Die-O-Rama #1: Spider Beast From Hell

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Due to the high cost of shipping Spider Beasts, we have three different pricing options depending on your location (United States, Canada and International).

Straight from the screen to your shelf, Vinegar Syndrome presents its brand new Die-O-Rama series of handcrafted figurines! Die-O-Rama will bring some of our most memorable creatures and characters into your home, with the first being Night Train to Terror's six-legged piece of claymation movie magic, The Spider Beast From Hell! This faithful screen accurate reproduction (warts and all) is handcrafted by Connecticut artist Justin Talarski.

  • This version with the 'monk' is a Black Friday exclusive limited-edition timed release, meaning however many we sell during our Black Friday sale is exactly how many we produce.
  • This will not be available for purchase after Monday.
  • IF (big if) we offer future editions, they will not include the 'monk'.
  • These Spider Beasts are handmade to order and will ship in Q1 of 2019 (Jan-March of 2019).
  • Dimensions are 6.5" tall by 7" (at its widest).
  • This is a resin figurine.