Pre-Quarantine Sale

We are doing one final sale before going into state-mandated quarantine mode on Tuesday!

Yesterday, the Governor of Connecticut announced that all 'non-essential' businesses must close their doors on Monday by 8 PM EST. Although we are not completely shutting down our operation, we are going to be focusing all resources on getting our brain-busting May slate readied for manufacturing, and making arrangements for our staff to work from home, if possible.

In order to keep functioning, albeit at much less than full capacity, and to comply with state regulations, we're going to be suspending shipments from our website in the short term, starting Tuesday. We are optimistic that this web-order shipping suspension will be short lived and we are working on the most efficient and legal ways to continue our shipping operation. But, while that's being decided on, we're doing a [hopefully] short moratorium. Of course, with this in mind, our revenue will take a serious hit (even in the winter, we still have 4 figure electric bills; one of the many 'perks' of operating a film archive) so this sale is very much of a short term lifeline.

Therefore, this weekend only, through early Monday morning EST, you can enjoy an additional 15% off our already discounted prices on most everything in our store, with the EXCEPTION of April pre-orders. Yes, that's literally every single VS release (including 2020 titles), shirts, merch and even most Staff Picks! You will automatically receive the additional 15% off, at checkout, if the product is eligible.

We will do everything in our powers to make sure that as many orders as possible can get sent out on Monday. To help streamline our packing and shipping, please-please-please take your time placing your order, because in an effort to speed up our shipping process, we will NOT be combining orders.

So get started now and get stocked up for this upcoming social distancing season, while keeping in mind that you're not just helping the VS team get through this, but ensuring the continued safety of thousands of film elements.