Halfway to Black Friday - Flash Pre-order 2023 - Info

The 2023 Halfway To Black Friday Flash Pre-Order is now LIVE exclusively at www.VinegarSyndrome.com and runs now until 11:59 PM, EST on Sunday!

As happened last year during our Black Friday Flash Pre-Order, we have received a mammoth number of requests to add individual pre-orders for certain titles. We listened and created two additional pre-order listings for THE BOOGEYMAN and A BLADE IN THE DARK. We have also enabled a free shipping option called "Add to my existing order", for those that have already placed a pre-order during this Flash event and would like to add either of these titles to their package.

We couldn't be more excited to kick off this Pre-Order with the reveal of our next VSU, Paul Verhoeven's incredible SHOWGIRLS (1995), which makes its US 4K UHD debut, exclusively restored by Vinegar Syndrome, with no digital tinkering or smoothing plaguing cinematographer Jost Vacano's stunning visuals. Not only that, we've assembled a comprehensive array of bonus materials including hours of archival extras alongside newly shot material, guaranteeing this to be the ultimate Showgirls experience. Check out the product listing for a taste of this edition.

On the "regular" VS side, we're elated to at long last offer Lamberto Bava's giallo masterpiece, A BLADE IN THE DARK (1983), newly and exclusively restored by VS, in 4K from its Super 16mm original negative and hitting UHD/BD, presented in its standard extended cut and also its never-on-disc "export" version all of which is supplemented with an impressive roster of interviews.

Next up, Ulli Lommel's notorious video nasty, THE BOOGEYMAN (1980) is finally hitting 4K UHD, exclusively restored by VS from its 35mm original negative and bursting at the seams with a comprehensive slate of cast and crew interviews, both new and archival.

Finally, we are presenting a box set years in the making with VILLAGES OF THE DAMNED: THREE HORRORS FROM SPAIN, featuring a terrifying trilogy of weird and unusual Spanish horror rarities, including Pedro Olea's THE FOREST OF THE WOLF (EL BOSQUE DEL LOBO) (1970), a chilling folk-horror of rural superstition and beastly murderous impulses, Silvio Narizzano's THE SKY IS FALLING (LAS FLORES DEL VICIO) (1975), a nightmarish moral fable starring Dennis Hopper and Carrol Baker, and finally Gonzalo Suarez' BEATRIZ (1976), a dream-like study in supernatural vengeance. All three have been newly and exclusively restored in 4K by VS from their original negatives and are making their English friendly disc debuts!

Finally, what you've all been waiting for...the first official hints regarding the 2023 Halfway Surprise Titles! We can confirm that both technically fit in (or close enough) to the slasher genre, but come from filmmaking cultures far away (both literally and figuratively) from Hollywood, and will each be presented in multiple cuts!

Now that you've been fully briefed, here are your pre-ordering options:
1. EVERYTHING: Which will secure your copies of SHOWGIRLS, BOOGEYMAN, A BLADE IN THE DARK, and VILLAGES OF THE DAMNED: THREE HORRORS FROM SPAIN, plus the two Secret May VS titles.
2. VSU ONLY: Which, as the name implies, will just be for SHOWGIRLS
3. SECRET TITLES ONLY: Which, you guessed it, will only include the two Secret titles
4. JUST ADDED: Individual pre-order options for both THE BOOGEYMAN and A BLADE IN THE DARK

Remember, by Pre-Ordering this weekend you'll be able to access the exclusive Pre-Order discounts compared to purchasing any of the same titles during the Halfway To Black Friday Sale. Plus, your package will be first to ship (after our subscribers) following our Halfway to Black Friday sale: May 26th - May 29th! You will also be able to add additional purchases to this package for FREE during the sale by means of a special checkout experience.

Remember, all the fun ends Sunday at 11:59 PM EST!

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