December Partners Only - FAQ

#1. Vinegar Syndrome releases have been temporarily hidden to make way for Partners Only Month!
Even though we are still busy shipping out the many thousands of Black Friday orders that were placed, the Partner Label section of our site is still open for business! Newly placed Partner Label orders will still be shipped out during this period. The full Vinegar Syndrome catalog will return January 1st with a bunch of brand new releases.

#2. What is Partners Only month? Why are you doing it?
The months of June and December are Partners Only months (meaning: no VS releases). Why? Well, logistically, the shipping of Halfway to Black Friday and Black Friday sale orders has long been an extremely complex process that gets more and more difficult every year. Therefore, as a means of easing our burden and also giving the Partner Labels themselves a time to shine, we’re dedicating two months out of the year specifically to them while we focus on fulfilling orders.

#3. Where's the Vinegar Syndrome catalog? Why hide it?
Our full catalog will be unavailable to view until we relaunch on January 1st. We are unable to have our products up on the new Checklist until they are back on the website. However, our Partner Label Checklist will be fully operational, where you can access and update your checklist for partner label releases.

#4. I'm a VS Subscriber, if I pre-order a June Partner Label release, when will it ship?
Even though there are no new VS releases in December, VS Subscribers (both Yearly and Halfway) who place a pre-order for any of the new December Partner Label releases will receive a shipment in December. Just use your free "Subscriber" shipping option like normal.

#5. I'm still waiting for my Black Friday order to ship, can I add a Partner Label purchase to the package?
Black Friday orders have already been merged and imported into our shipping platform. Due to that, you can no longer add items to your Black Friday order.

#6. Will the normal free shipping thresholds be activated?
Yes, the normal free shipping thresholds are active.

#7. Do you plan on selling 'slipcover only' versions of Partner Label catalog slipcovers?
Some Partner Label catalog releases were originally handled by different distributors, so we cannot offer 'slipcover only' editions of those catalog slipcovers.

#8. I have a specific question that was not answered here.
Contact us via our Help Center or send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible.

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