The Dirt Bike Kid [Scorpion Releasing]

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Welcome to the Vinegar Syndrome Staff Picks section, where we highlight our favorite releases from the many other fine labels releasing films on home video. This section, which will be updated semi regularly, features an array of crucial genre films, which no home library should be without.


This highly requested family classic is now available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray, from a brand new HD master. 14-year-old Jack Simmons (Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story) takes it on himself to help his friend, coach Mike (Patrick Collins, TV’s Checking In) and save his hot dog stand. Mr. Hodgkins (Stuart Pankin, TV’s Falcon Crest) is a greedy, self-serving banker who is determined to raze Mike’s hot dog stand and build a new bank on its site. Jack’s primary resource in his fight against Mr. Hodgkins is a motorbike that does everything except speak French. With this motorized wonder, Jack tackles a gang of tough bikers and the notorious Mr. Hodgkins, taking them for a ride they will never forget. The first and only film directed by Hoite C. Caston (TV’s Not Necessarily the News).

Special Features:

  • Interview with co-star Stuart Pankin
  • Interview with producer Julie Corman
  • Audio commentary with Director Hoite Caston
  • Original trailer