Larry Revene: Life in a Film Can [Book]

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What is it like to spend forty years making films? "Life in a Film Can" gives some insights into the people, processes, difficulties and rewards of the career of a motion picture cameraman, director and producer. Tales of triumphs and defeats, and most of all the people involved, it is a history of one man's journey through the labyrinth of mainstream and subculture productions. After reading this book you will not look at movies without being aware of some of the complications in producing a movie or the great lengths people go to present a seamless story to the viewer. From the famous to the infamous, Larry Revene's journey is a unique account of dealing with celebrities and unknown personalities behind and in front of the camera. It is a view into actually being in the arena with lions and pussycats of a fascinating industry.

Written by: Larry Revene (Author), Cal @ (Author), Casey Scott (Editor), Claudia Conine (Editor), Dries Vermeulen (Introduction)