L'important C'est D'aimer (The Important Thing Is To Love) [Mondo Vision]

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ANDRZEJ ZULAWSKI'S L'important C'est D'aimer (The Important Thing Is To Love) is a film of dishevelled lyricism, bursting with noise and anger; an insane storm-tainted flamboyant opera; a visual symphony with apocalyptic emphasis featuring sleaze-bags, clowns, drop-outs, wimps, bastards, and "puppet shows depicting lives of complete scoundrels" and "ruined careers". Where some people will see nothing but a graphic canvas of pain, horror and a bloody parade of violence, others who analyze the darkness will see a call for compassion. This is the story of a fragile woman, Nadine Chevalier, who supports her failure-obsessed companion to the bitter end, and who meets a photographer weighed down by remorse. This vibrant & captivating cinema of art, music and sound is down to the genius of Zulawski, and his sensual and sentimental power of evocation, which together create something which reflects the deep and perhaps unconfessed anxiety inside every one of us. It is, as Dostoyevsky said at the end of Crime and Punishment , "the story of a generation".

Servais, a reporter and photographer, meets Nadine Chevalier, an actress who is forced to earn her living by accepting roles unworthy of her real talent. She is married to Jacques, a delightful sort of disenchanted clown who runs away from the realities of life. Nadine and Servais soon discover how important their encounter was and neither one of them wants to dismiss it as a mere fling...


  • Digitally Restored High Definition Transfer Mastered For Progressive Scan
  • Feature Length Audio Commentary With Director Andrzej Zulawski And Writer Daniel Bird
  • Video Interview With Director Andrzej Zulawski
  • Remastering: Before & After
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Image Gallery
  • 24-page Booklet Featuring a Newly-Written Essay by Daniel Bird
  • Case Type: Digipak with Hardcover Slipcase