The Sweetest Taboo: An Unapologetic Guide to Child Kills in Film

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By Erica Shultz

An NSFW film reference book.

The longstanding taboo of killing children in films comes to a head. It’s time to celebrate the demise of the worst characters in movies: children.

Author Erica Shultz has exhaustively combed through thousands of movies to find the best tiny human kills by way of cars, guns, bombs, animals, and more. Look back with fondness on some of your favorites with write-ups of well-known films such as The Blob, Jaws, Hereditary, and Frankenstein. Satisfy that morbid curiosity with deeper cuts from Hong Kong, British Public Information Films, and Italian horror. Gasp at the sheer audacity of dedicating a book to this subject matter.

With an introduction by author Zack Carlson (Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film and Bleeding Skull: A 1990s Trash-Horror Odyssey), this book packs in nearly 1200 films of child-killing exultation.

Original comic written by Erica Shultz and drawn by Lance Schibi.

320 pages
10" x 8"
Signed Limited Edition