Summer of 84 - Vinyl Soundtrack LP

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Death Waltz Recording Co., are proud to present the soundtrack to the film SUMMER OF '84, a killer '80s-throwback of BMX, Mullets, and Serial Killers, brought to you from the creators of TURBO KID and featuring another amazing original score by Le Matos (JOIN US).

Taking familiar tropes from the history of electronic music (John Carpenter, Daft Punk, Tangerine Dream) Le Matos infuse their work with so much energy and originality that they end up being totally singular in the world of electronic music. We really can't think of another outfit operating on the same level right now.

SUMMER OF '84 features dizzying electro joints, super chilled ambient pieces and straight up horror soundtrack scares! Pressed across 2XLPs, this is an essential score for fans of synth soundtracks. Featuring artwork by Sam Turner.

Edition: Silver & Black with Red Splatter