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Of Unknown Origin: The Novelization - Paperback Book

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By Chauncey G Parker

Of Unknown Origin (The Visitor, Movie Tie-In Edition)

This is a very special Movie Tie-In Edition, a Mass Market Size version of The Visitor!Silently, unnoticed, Terror had slipped hungrily into the security of his home...Experience the terrifying novel that inspired the 1983 cult classic horror film Of Unknown Origin!THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMAREFor rising young executive Bart Hughes, his Manhattan brownstone was his castle—a haven of peace and security amid the urban rot of New York.Now, with his wife and children away for the summer, it was more peaceful still…Until he discovered he was not alone but had an uninvited guest in the house…Until his home became a hunting ground where he stalked his inhuman intruder…Until he realized he was the one being hunted, the one who was trapped by…THE VISITOR OF TERROR WITH TEETH THAT WON’T LET YOU GO!