Over the past decade, we have made no secret our passion for preserving film; our company is named Vinegar Syndrome as a constant reminder of what we are working against and we have even made vintage, well used, film cans from our archive available to our fans to bring into their homes. The only thing we have not made available has been actual film, itself...until now! 

With this purchase, you take home your very own 35mm trailer of New York Ninja, printed on durable polyester stock and ready to run through any working 35mm projector! This is a rare opportunity to not only bring a piece of our film archive home with you, but to do your part in keeping film alive. Keep the trailer in a cool, dark, place to protect it and find a local art-house and put it up on screen for you and your friends to enjoy! Limited to 200, art by Tom Hodge and Haunt Love, housed in a VSU style magnet clasp box.