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Forbidden Zone - Paperback Book

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By Joshua Millican

If you’re a loner, beware.
Abused and misunderstood, beware.
Proud and lustful, beware.
Dregs and druggies and transgressive artists, beware.
If you’re on your own, you might end up in the FORBIDDEN ZONE!

Experience the bizarre and musical tale of a girl who travels to another world through a gateway in her family's basement. Follow the dysfunctional Hercules Family into the erotic and hellish catacombs of the Sixth Dimension. Meet the sinister and scintillating residents of the Forbidden Zone and party down with the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo!

Richard Elfman’s transgressive cult sensation is now a novel, oozing with sex, mayhem, and body horror. This irreverent reimagining isn’t for the faint of heart—or the easily offended!