Purple & Black Splatter on Clear = Edition of 200
Purple & Black Spinner = Edition of 300

Vinegar Syndrome and Ship to Shore PhonoCo. are proud to present the original soundtrack to the cult favorite Dial Code Santa Claus (aka Deadly Games), for the first time on vinyl in over 30 years!

Mixing Christmas themes with hair-raising screams, Dial Code Santa Claus concerns young Thomas - a kid with an IQ number as long as his mullet - whose infatuation with games of war and obsession of Father Christmas come together in a night of terror when his house is invaded by a maniac who believes he is Père Noël himself…

Composer Jean-Félix Lalanne mixes a range of styles to form a solid soundtrack, utilizing industrial & electro with traditional festive motifs and thriller stings, perfectly complementing the bold visual style of the movie.

Side A

1. La danse du malin
2. L'éreuve par neuf
3. Rue Noël
4. Funky Christmas
5. Le temps du répit
6. Magie Rouge
7. Crise de manque
8. Petit train de mort
9. L'offensive de Thomas

Side B

1. Le cache cahe
2. Le grand père et l'enfant
3. Hymne à la folie
4. L'ogre de Noël
5. Souvenir de JR
6. La more du rêve
7. Merry Christmas (Ft. Bonnie Tyler)