The Weirdo (Slipcover) [Garagehouse Pictures]

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How much torment can a young man take? Donny (Steve Burington) is a shy loner who would like nothing more than to be left alone, but his life is little more than endless abuse and harassment. Abandoned by his family, bullied tirelessly by the local roughnecks, Donny seeks refuge in the ramshackle shed in which he lives and lonely walks in the woods. One day Donny meets Jenny (Jessica Straus), a young girl with troubles of her own who sympathizes with Donny, and the two begin an innocent romance. Donny’s life seems to brighten for one brief moment, but Donny and Jenny’s love is rejected by everyone in town. Then, faced with eviction from his beloved shed, a visit from Donny’s destitute, estranged mother – who plans to sell him into slavery (!) – threatens to push the poor “weirdo” over the edge…!

Garagehouse Pictures is pleased to bring legendary grindhouse auteur Andy Milligan’s long out-of-circulation, penultimate feature to Blu-ray for the first time in a painstaking new HD restoration created from the original camera negative!


  • Audio commentary with producers Paul Maslak, Neva Friedenn, Rodd Matsu, Patrick Thomas, Keith Crocker, George Reis
  • Matsui’s Monstrosities: An Interview with a Make-Up Man: Part 2
  • Restoration comparison
  • Andy Milligan trailers
  • Garagehouse Pictures trailers
  • Cover art by Stephen Romano
  • Limited edition slip sleeve art by Justin Miller (Limited to 1000 units)
  • All regions

1989 / 91 mins. / Color / Stereo / 1.37:1 / Not Rated